Can I Be a Model?

Surely you have heard that to be a model you need to be beautiful, tall, slender, perfect measures. This is undoubtedly true for what concerns haute couture, in which fashion designers demand a type of model that they value capable of best enhancing their creations.

Nevertheless, even if you do not correspond to these criteria, do not despair at all, there are many other areas in which you can work as a model / a, achieving success and economic gratification. This type of industry needs a great variety of shapes and sizes. They range from the models of catwalks in Paris and Milan to those that appear in the background of TV commercials. You just need to find the right place for you. To help you in this we have created a list of the various types of models working in the sector that describes the related requirements but, as happens in life, remember that there are always exceptions.

High fashion
The models that work in the high fashion sector are incredibly slender figures that give off beauty on the catwalk and coated covers on behalf of the most important fashion designers and fashion houses. For models, a height ranging between 172cm and 180cm is required ( 5'8 to 5'11), with size 38-40 (4-6 US / 6-8 UK) and 34 chest. Their age is between 14 and 25 years, while for men the age range is more flexible, can vary from 16 to 40 years. For the male models it is required a height between 180cm and 188cm (5'11 to 6'2), a physique, chest between 94cm and 106cm (37 'to 42') and a waist between 76cm and 81cm (30 'to 32'). The career of the models tends to be even longer than that of the models if able to take care of themselves.

Fashion magazines
This kind of models / and appear in specialized covers and magazines such as Vogue, Elle etc. The requirements are similar to those of the High Fashion sector, but to these must be added another criterion, that of photogenicity. Given the requirements, it often happens that some models work in both areas. These magazines provide great visibility, although the fees are often relatively low. This is normal, it may take a few years before accumulating an experience to be hired for more remunerated jobs.

It is a huge market that includes all kinds of graphic production for advertising purposes. From advertising in magazines, through what you find on supermarket shelves, to billboards. The advantages of working in the commercial field is that the target audience of the public to which advertising is directed varies greatly. Since brands want to attract and represent the customers who will buy their products, there are really many possibilities to work in this sector if you're not the type of haute couture model.

Large sizes
There is a growing demand for models / and that can represent bodies from the most important measures of the standard ones, it is a relatively recent phenomenon. If you are sure of yourself, if you have great qualities and your size is between L and XXL (12-16 US / 14-18 UK) this could be for you. More and more companies decide to use large models / sizes with the intention of having access to a demographically broader market. To be a model / a Plus Size is important to have a beautiful skin, as well as beautiful teeth and hair, in addition to having yourself something special. For models of Plus Size for the High Fashion sector, the minimum height required remains that of 172cm (5 "8). (Plus Size Models below –

It is an area in which the sensuality of the models is highlighted. From underwear and swimwear to artistic or nude photography for men's magazines. It is necessary to be beautiful, sensual, self-confident and with an extremely extrovert personality. In general, there are no major restrictions on height in this area and this is a factor that attracts many models. If you are interested in this sector pay attention, there are many dishonest people who try to take advantage of young models who are eager to enter the world of fashion.

Companies create catalogs (paper or virtual) in order to sell their latest lines of clothing or other types of products. The task of the model / a is to make them stand out. In this context you can find really great opportunities because it requires a wide range of models / and that can represent the public of very heterogeneous companies. Given the increasing number of websites looking for models / and promoting their products, for many models this type of sector can be very profitable at an economic level.

Parts of the body
This is an area where the young models do not pay attention, yet it is a sector of great importance. The parts of the body serve to promu

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