In the field of fashion, where the professional figure is otherwise known as the wearer / wearer, she has the task of showing the dress on the catwalk, during a fashion show. It is necessary to respect the precise physical rules, most often dictated by the stylists, in order to wear and take off, with a body that reflects the measures indicated, so that the dress worn perfectly falls on the model / a.

In the field of advertising, where it is otherwise known as a model / model or commercial model, the professional figure lends his image for the creation of photographic services or commercials intended to illustrate the pages of fashion magazines, or paid advertising pages. of a particular stylist. Finally it can also pose for television advertisements, broadcast for a fee. There is no need to respect a precise height in this area, but to be proportionate, beautiful, refined, with a pleasant face and a body in excellent physical shape.

The models and models at the beginning of their career, make a good photo book that represents a real "business card" with which to propose to agencies and then be able to take the first contacts with potential customers. The book is preferable to be made by a professional photographer (or debutant but capable and promising), must contain images that testify the photogenicity of the subject and his ability to interpret different "roles" static.

This is a profession to be undertaken from an early age, as it has a short duration and is unlikely to last beyond 30 years, except for established professionals who have succeeded in creating a network of loyal customers who constantly request them for fashion shows and / o photographic services. It should also be emphasized that there is a difference between the collections: in the prêt-à-porter fashion shows the younger girls prevail, while in Alta Moda there is a greater demand for more mature women able to more adequately interpret an elegant and precious sartorial dress.

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